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    Default V1 External housing - info please

    Hi all,
    I think I read about a product which could be described as external housing or casing for remotely installed V1 detector. What I am looking for is a waterproof housing in which my V1 could be installed somewhere in the car mask (hidden) and then connected to the remote display in the cabin. Is there any solution to this? I am aware that this will reduce my rear laser reception (which sucks already because of the tinted glass on my rear window, so I won't miss it). I'll appreciate your thoughts - as far as I can remember there was a post in this regard but I can't find it anymore.

    Thanks in advance.

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    its good from one point its hidden.... but it has many bad factors..

    its inside a case which may leak in water? you wouldnt know until its broke!

    you'd have no laser detection, no rear detection of laser or radar, the side and rear arrows wouldnt work, so that a rear hit you may think is coming from the front when a cop is behind you!

    plus with it being mounted out of the cockpit its prone to damage!

    the only thing the housing is good for are truck drivers, which cant have deetctors, and cant really get good use from the rear antenna!

    if you still want one, go on and

    type in valentine one radar detector on images, you should then see the v1 housing!

    from the site in question i dont think they sold the hosuing alone i think it come with a v1...

    i have seen some bmw website which sold the housing aswell, and i think they may have sold it seperate although i'm not 100% sure....

    do an internet scearch and you can find them, obviously i cant link you to any....



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