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    I was in a new area a week ago and out of the blue my V1 starting going off and has not stopped since! It constantly shows 1-7 alerts. I've switched modes and that didn't work. I've read the owners manual but they didn't really have anything on my issue...from reading the manual I feel it may be my cord but not positive. I had it for about 3 years and have never had any problems before this. I know I should send it in but I'm traveling 13 hours to visit family over the holidays and don't want to be without it. Does anyone have any suggestions? Is a power code something I can just go out and buy or do I have to order from V1? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I'll never be able to make the long trip and keep my sanity without my V1. Thanks!

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    is it just in that new area?

    check your grounds(if hardwired) and check your car battery ground

    while my car battery ground was loose, i was getting constant k band detections

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    Not just that area. It started there but now I'm back home and it's still going. I'll check the battery though, hopefully that's it. Thanks!

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    Point a vent to it and see if the problem goes away. Mine does that when it gets hot. With a vent on it, there is at least 30 degrees difference in temps.



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