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    First of all I understand how laser works and had asked a question in the past regarding alerts for laser. Once you hear it you're done and I know that in most cases that is correct. As I merged onto the Interstate today I had a HP Cruiser behind me so I was definitely running PSL. He got off at the next exit so I kicked it up a notch. As I top the next hill I get a Laser Alert so immediately I'm looking for a Trailblazer or Infinity SUV, you guys know the drill. Well then I see in the distance (about .4 miles) a HP Cruiser parked perpendicular to traffic. So then I start getting these Lazer Alerts every time he pulled the trigger. It was so awesome just to watch the V1 in action like this. I know this may be rare but it was worth sharing. I just can't tell you how many times this thing has saved from Ka band also. Overall I just wanted to share the story and say once again, I absolutely love the V1 and consider it's purchase one of the best investments I've ever made.

    Happy hunting!

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    I actually had the V1 give a true advance alert of laser recently. But the jammer went off at the same time also. I think it must have been bouncing off of concrete walls at the time. It was nice, but even then, I did not have the presence of mind to be able to turn off the jammer after slowing down to the psl. There's just too much to think of ... first slam brakes, second where are the arrows, third have I slowed down enough, fourth where is he, and finally oh ... I should have turned it off. What was really weird is that the arrows showed that it was behind me, which really worried me. The only thing I could figure out is that the beam had bounced off the concrete in a way that led to the rear laser detector picking it up. Fortunately, the leo was in front of me, and I had to round a curve to even see it.

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    I have really grown to appreciate the Laser detection capabilities of the V1 over the past week since I haven't had my STI-R or Blinder in my new car yet. 2 Days ago I saw an officer parked in a church driveway perpendicular to a busy road with an underposted speed limit shooting an Ultralyte LR-B at oncoming traffic(only gun my city has). I did a u-turn about .5 miles down the road to head in his direction and had a group of about 5 cars in front of me. I stayed -5 psl or so just to try to get him to shoot me. I ended up picking up scatter up 4 times off cars in front of me before I got to where he could see me where he took 3 shots to get my speed. I am very impressed by the V1s ability to pick up scatter off the cars in front of me. I would still never trust it fully to warn me without jammers on my car though.

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    This was my one laser scatter encounter in my 2+ years of V1 ownership...

    [ame=""]YouTube - V1 laser scatter detection[/ame]

    I was very impressed at the time as there was now way the LEO could see me when he took the shot at the cars ahead of me. Not only did it detect that but it also kept up the alert while he hit my car and the cars behind me as I was passing him, right up to the gun . I switched off my LPP after I saw the LEO behind the post as it was not necessary to jam him up that close .

    It was well over a year ago but I always remember this one to this day despite the fact that it was not a save as I was going @ PSL when I got the first alert due to slower traffic in the way.

    The V1's laser detection is class no doubt but not good enough in the real world without a jammer though (but you already know that) .



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