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    Default Will I be able to use V1 in LA?

    Most of my driving is withing San Fernando Valley, occasional trips to Malibu, OC, Mammoth Lakes.

    Do not drive more than 85-90 on the freeway (most of the time 10-15).
    2 years ago I've tried 9500I which was returned, I liked sensitivity, didn't like ramp up and never used GPS function anyway.

    What make me to consider V1:

    concealed display
    hardware that included (visor mount, two power cords, hard wire cord)
    ability to customize (do other RD allow you to turn X,K band on/off ?)
    I do have physical ability to reach for a mute button or to turn RD on/off.
    I will definitely keep it off driving on Ventura Blvd so it will be as quiet as the one with GPS.

    My current set up:

    two eyes, rear view mirror, common sense.
    was not pulled over for speeding in last 7-10 years.

    I probably do not need it but would like to have it anyway.

    So my question is will I be able to use it in LA area at all?

    If you do not own or never used V1 please keep your opinion to yourself, if I'll have questions about other products I will post them in appropriate forums.

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Will I be able to use V1 in LA?

    If you can deal with the false alerts, then yes, you can use a V1 in LA. I cannot, but some can. It's more of a personality thing. In Ventura County, it is especially bad, because there are lots of K band traffic monitor drones that give you a blast of I/O K band about once/minute and they are annoying as hell. You'll probably have to do some K band muting to deal with them.

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    Default Re: Will I be able to use V1 in LA?

    Yes, you will be able to use the V1. It will be perfect for your long trips on the highway.

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    Default Re: Will I be able to use V1 in LA?

    u better get some jammers when u can cuz nice weather = laser




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