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    Default V1 wouldn't let me snooze

    On my way to work this morning in the dark heading North up a highway. It's an hour drive, and in all the years I been driving this route, I have never seen a LEO around one little town the highway skirts through. Town is small, run down, and has RR crossing the highway. Half asleep this morning the V1 did a blap as I was approaching - what!! I first thought maybe a passing vehicle and a J-Out. Nope, the K alert continued to ramp up after I passed the one vehicle and I was awake and alert by now. The V1 was full alert as I just got into town (55 PSL all the way through) and just off to my side I see a speed display sign. Didn't think a half looking ghost town would get something new to start off the new year - now it interrupts my snooze ride.
    Coming home, there was no speed sign for Southbound traffic - but the V1 sure let me know about the one on the other side, and after I passed, I was stoked on how far the V1 alerted for the speed sign behind me. Nice ramp down as I was leaving, for a ways.
    I was a ways out still when the V1 started on the first blap alert this morning and the ramp up was very constant - nice!!!
    The arrows - yeah - the arrows - approaching....beside.....leaving - nice.
    After all the years, the only thing that ever woke me at this area was trains.

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    Default Re: V1 wouldn't let me snooze

    I also enjoy sleeping while driving. I'm damn good at it too. haha.

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    Default Re: V1 wouldn't let me snooze

    The darn tooth pick that keeps one eye lid open keeps falling out! (lol)




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