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    Default Error with startup-Signs of what's to come?

    Just started my car and noticed my hardwired V1 locked up on startup sequence. Not sure if the audio sounded because I wasn't paying attention, but when I noticed, all lights were illuminated at once and locked on both my concealed display and the V1 itself. I had to shut it off and back on to reset it. Then all seemed ok. Is this common. Never happened to me before and I was concerned it may mean more problems are coming. To further my worry I had a ka warning 10minutes later that went full blast almost immediately and then pointed to the rear like we passed in opposite directions but I saw no signs of an LEO. Should I worry?
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    Default Re: Error with startup-Signs of what's to come?

    I had the same issue once the mute button on the CD was depressed and stuck got it unstuck and it was fine



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