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    Default Define "ghosting"

    Could somebody define ghosting? I see the term used quite a bit but can't ever seem to find what it means.


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    This has already been answered:

    K band ghosting?

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    I read the K band thread and I did not get a good defined answer. Ghosting is were you get a delayed second (or more) signal after the main signal. This is due to the second signal being delayed due to being bounced off of something (example a building) thus having to travel futher and is not in a straight to you. Therefore the radar detector thinks there are two or more sources. It is up to the software to ignore the delayed signal(s). The counter on the V1 is where this shows up at as a multiple number of sources on some software versions which is wrong and confuses the driver in thinking there are other radars out there but isn't, just one. Is that more simple? Hoped it helped.......



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