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    Default Do I Need A Tune Up?

    I bought my V1 in July of 2008 (still under warranty). Bought it from V1 so its the latest model and all. Yesterday I was using it on a ski trip in upstate NY. I was driving and I saw a LEO parked on the side of the road and he left his radar on constant. I saw it and then a half second later it started beeping for KA. I'm guessing he only had forward radar. Then a second incident, same scenario except the LEO was moving. I saw him first driving about 3 cars ahead maybe about a half mile up and then my KA went off with very low beeps but the bogey counter was 2 and the forward arrow was on. My V1 is usually great with detection, but i was a little worried yesterday with it. Question, the second LEO, was V1 saying 2 because he had 2 forward facing antenna's? I'm assuming he had no rear antenna because i'm sure V1 would have been lit up like a Christmas tree.

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    Default Re: Do I Need A Tune Up?

    The first encounter was forward facing so detection range will be reduced. Was he off-axis as well? That would reduce it even more.

    The second encounter could have been from reflections from his radar bouncing off from vehicles and coming back to you.



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