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    Default V1 Shop who sells to Europe....

    Hy mates,

    It seems that I have to sell my brand new RX75 Plus and buy a V1.
    Does anybody knew a good reliable shop with fair conditions which is selling and delivering to Switzerland in Europe ?? :?: :?:

    Thanks for your answers


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    Markus, VR is a direct seller only. They don't have any sub-agents I'm aware of.

    It seems that our European brothers must buy used units from eBay and hope for the best.

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    Hey mate!

    Your best bet is to have it shipped to a friend or relative in the US. The dealers in Europe are VERY expensive and plus you want the newest firmware 3.826 that addresses some annoying BUGS from the past.

    Congrats on having to sell the other detector

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    the if you buy from ebay its about 310, anywhere else is just too expensive...

    There are a few people on here which may be able to help you out over getting one if you give them a few $$ for their time.....

    pm a few admins and see what they say, sethy or jimbonzzz may be able to help you out give them a try.. it beats getting ripped off buy european shops..



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