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    Default Question on V1 programming option #6

    At the V1 programming link here:

    Option #6 is "Ka band False Alarm Guard on/off". What is the Ka band False Alarm Guard? Is this something different than the J/Junk function?

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    Yes I believe it is, and only really helps if you are trying to catch those pesky Multanovas.

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    This is one of the more debated questions.
    here's my answers.

    First, what emails from VR said:

    2. Does option 6 turn the Junk alert on and off, or is the junk alert “built in?
    Is the ka guard the junk alert setting, or is it just for false ka alerts?

    The junk alert is built in. The Ka guard is for false Ka alerts and is not connected to the "J" feature.

    3. Does the junk alert affect k and ka or just ka band?

    The "J" is for false alerts on Ka only. It is built-in.

    4. Does this last one mean a detector that has Pop protection enabled?

    The "J" function will work whether POP is enabled or not.

    5. Does it just mean that overall, if the V1 identifies the source as any type pollution from another radar detector, it will just junk it out?

    That is true. That's the function of the "J" feature.

    Now despite what this person has said, i disagree with them on some of this.
    For one, i have never seen a "J" alert when i turn option "6" off.
    i did testing with this, and can get a "J" alert with it on, but not with it off.

    They are right, that changing Pop on or off doesn't affect the "J" alert.
    Also, disabling this caused my V1 to go nuts, reporting constant ka falses, yet it never junked out a single one of them. only when i enabled the guard was it quiet again, so option "6" must be tied in with it, since they state it junks out pollution from ANY other detector.

    So in short, i say that it IS directly tied to the "J"unk feature, but others may disagree. i even did a video of this some time back, turning Pop on/off and option "6" on/off, and only with the ka guard on, could i produce "J" alerts.

    Hope this answers your question.

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    I agree with RacerX.

    I can induce "J" alerts on the bench with the false guard turned on, however it will not give the "J" alert with the false guard turned off.

    In addition, when the false guard is turned off it will alert to Ka radar sources that are harmonics of an oscillator operating in the ~11.5 GHz range. With the guard on, it does not alert to these sources.


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    Out of curiousity....... what if my V1 is on euro mode, so its only scanning 34.3ghz KA only. Then if i turned off the false guard, would sensitivity increase?

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    Default u mode

    I'm operating V1 in u mode, and if you cancel "6" the unit alerts all the time...
    The only time I advise people to cancel "6" is if they have french cars with heat reflective glass, that way the unit will perform reasonably for them.



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