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    Default V1 is the shiznit

    Ok, so driving down the freeway tonight, I see that my V1 is slowly picking up ka alert in the front. I didnt think it was falsing because one it was the freeway and two I havent had any of my detectors false ka. I traveled about a mile and some change and as the detector got louder and louder I saw the po po on the side of the road with someone pulled over and in handcuffs. as I passed the radar source it went to the arrow to behind me. i think his radar was facing me as i taveled away because my rear dectection was awesome.

    Now for another story I was traveling to my fathers house for some dinner and movie, well I was traveling at the speed limit on the freeway and my ka from the rear starts to slowly beep and get louder sure enough a cop comes from behind, I would say I had about 20 seconds or so on the warning.

    I must say that I am very pleased so far with the V1, I dont ever really speed but I have so much fun seeing them before they see me!! :twisted:

    and for anyone intrested, we had steaks and shrimp while we laughed our butts off to 40 year old virgin.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Great detector, good meal, hilarious movie, I have a V-1 and it's an awesome travel companion. I don't speed either (well sometimes!) but I'm just curious when an offending beam is entering my space.


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    Me To

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    :twisted: If I never did any speeding , I would have saved my money and never bought a detector hehehe
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