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    Default Another Trip, Another Triumph

    I just returned from another road trip and was saved 4 times on my 1,000 KM trip (both directions) in a rental car. On the way I encountered one LEO running constant and picked up approx 3KM in advance. Slow down, LEO passes, I grin and speed up again Second LEO approx 100KM later was a little more clever running IO, but still picked up the initial burst approx 2-3 KM in advance and was able to easily reduce speed to avoid being locked. The third officer was only about 10KM from the second officer and was running IO as well. This was a close one, there was relatively low traffic and the LEO was coming over a hill. I managed to pick up about 0.5KM in advance from a Ka burst to a vehicle passing him before me. Ramp up was heavy initially so I slammed on the brakes, LEO hangs a left over the median, follows me and we keep a distance of about 500 meters or so. Initially I figured that the little bugger got a lock, but then after more thought I knew it was impossible, as I picked up the Ka burst before he came over the hill prior to being visible. Sure enough he stays behind me for about 30KM bursting on coming traffic! Thanks to this pain in the a** I ended up having to actually do the speed limit for 30KM or so...Way to slow me down LEO! After 30KM or so, he lights up the cherries and pursues a customer in on coming traffic (poor non V1 user).

    Moral of the story...I've been using V1 for close to a year and had 18 terrific saves, some too close for comfort, but the majority within more than adequate detection distance. A highway trip with the V1 is just amazing and truly never does get old. LI is getting installed within 2 weeks...Just in time for trigger happy LEO's in the spring.

    Ps. Also saw a pick up truck on the hwy with an X50 staring straight at the ground (usually vise versa). Was going to try and take a pic for you guys as it was one of the worst mounts I'd ever seen, but thought it may be a little too intrusive...WHY PEOPLE, WHY??
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    Default Re: Another Trip, Another Triumph

    Gotta love the V1!



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