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    Default Stupid Question..

    I was thinking to myself, if cell phones have a warning to limit exposure because of radio radiation, and radar detectors put out more than 3x the radiation of a cell phone, wouldn't the V1's rear detector be a health hazard?

    I know it sounds like a dumb question but I like my brain well done, not fried.

    Thanks. lol


    EDIT: Yay 99th post!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GDXChris View Post
    ...radar detectors put out more than 3x the radiation of a cell phone...
    Where did you hear this? Sounds improbable to me.

    Also, one doesn't generally hold a radar detector up to their ear. Proximity is a large factor in signal strength.
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    Yea, they give you brain tumors but think of the $$ you'll save by avoiding tickets



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