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    Default update to the " should I trade" thread

    Ok... this is an update to the thread I had about trading my Escort 9500i for a Valentine
    should I trade?

    well... i did the trade... not too happy

    Well.... after doing some reading... I have adjusted the automute features, and this has mad the v1 much more tolerable.

    I am amazed by the range that i get with this thing.... and I have to admit.... the arrows are cool.

    I feel totally confident driving with this detector. Although I haven't decided for sure yet if I am going to keep it, or trade someone back for a 9500i yet... I am giving it a fair shot.

    I feel that the end result may be that I keep the V1, and do a little saving and just buy another 9500i.

    Just thought I would let you guys know how it was going.. I wanted a V1 for soooooo long, and now that I have one... I must give it a fair shot... at least then I know if I like it.

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    Default Re: update to the " should I trade" thread

    I miss my V1 and I have tried to recreate it by using an Escort 8500 for frontal detection and my Whislter XTR-690SE mounted in the rear window for a ghetto 360 degree protection...not the same but it will do until I get another V1.

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    Default Re: update to the " should I trade" thread

    What settings do you have the V1 on? Have you considered adding a Cheetah mirror or C100?



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