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    I know I have mentioned this before but I just typed in my serial number and it said that I had the latest in radar performance. From what I read on this board, the latest software/hardware version is 3.826 and I have 3.819. I know I dont have the lastest hardware version and possibily software as well. But and here is my complaint - I wish when you type in your serial number the Valentine web site would report what THEIR latest software version is. I know what mine is, I dont know what theirs is. I guess I will just wait till a new version (1.9?) comes out. Drive saftely and happy motoring.

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    Yeah, my detector was several years old and that system always said "you have the latest and the greatest".

    I think this is a judgement/value call based on Mike's personal input. Personally, I don't agree with the "system". I want to know that there are 7 newer versions of the s/w.

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    Maybe its because they dont think those updated software versions improved anything over the one you have....

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    I totally agree! When one puts in their serial nr. I would like the “system” to also state what is the NEWEST software version. Now here comes the GENIUS part; imagine if VR would state what issues have been addressed with the different software versions. For instance if they would say that with version 3.826 they have “FIXED” the GHOST BOGEY and etc. etc.



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