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    Default Thanks to Snoop,Cat4,OldGoat and others who..

    helped my understand and tweek my V1. I had been using a Whistler 695SE, which I STILL think is a great RD, but recently switched to the V1 because I really like the arrows idea.

    Anyway, shortly after I got it, I thought I had made a terrible mistake because it was so chatty, it drove me nuts.

    After a few tweeks and a few corrected errors on my part, I can say that V1 has settled in and looks like it's going to do just fine.

    Again, thanks to all including those I forgot to mention.... for all the pm's and help.

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    Default Re: Thanks to Snoop,Cat4,OldGoat and others who..

    nice the V1 is king very good on I10 and I75 for those FHP's running quick trigger very hard to detect

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    Default Re: Thanks to Snoop,Cat4,OldGoat and others who..

    Good stuff, the first save I had on my new V1 was a FHP running QT. Very unsportsmanlike of them to keep doing that.

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    Default Re: Thanks to Snoop,Cat4,OldGoat and others who..

    The V1 can be as chatty as you want it to be, I run mine in A mode all the time. It's not a big deal to hit the mute button, but there have been times I have thought would you just shut up!!!

    I must confess at those times it was not the V1 I was upset with, it just wouldn't talk back so it took the brunt of my frustration!!!
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    Default Re: Thanks to Snoop,Cat4,OldGoat and others who..

    And thank you for taking our advice. Over time, you may develop a tolerance for the false alerts. I have. Maybe you'll even turn zombie one day

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    Thumbs up Re: Thanks to Snoop,Cat4,OldGoat and others who..

    it's good to know you're happy with your choice and I'm proud to have played a part

    the oft whined about falses are actually a mosaic;
    a 'radar landscape' the afficionado tends to relegate to the sub-conscious, aroused only when the alerts have a certain character or meet a (somewhat nebulous) threshold. The V-1's consistent alerting, linear ramp-up and complete display create a dimensional image blatantly lacking with any other device

    this is fully appreciated in logic-mode, where Volume, and not the Geiger-rate alone, indicate threat level. Weak X and K alerts SOUND like a weak signal at the very first beep. No need to 'establish a record' with a series of beeps. Alternately, more threatening signals sound more threatening, again, at the first beep.

    I have recently noticed(confirmed) that a ramped-up X-band signal returns to the muted volume as the signal strength fades. (Yes, I live with X-band and it's the same $300 ticket )

    "It's good to be The King"



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