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    Default Does switching from l to A change settings?

    I have little l set the way I like it. I've read here that some folks switch to A when running on the interstate.

    1) If I switch to A, does it use the little l settings or does it default to factory settings?

    2) If I change settings for A, will I then lose the settings I had in little L?

    Here's my settings -

    X 0ff, k, ka, laser on, ka intensity ramp up off, ka guard off, k band auto mute on with 10 second delay. Mute = silence off, Bogey lock mute off. I/O and C/O on, rear band muting off, ku off, pop off, euro modes off.

    There is no X in my neck of the woods.

    3) If I were to switch to A on the highway, what would you change if anything?
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    Default Re: Does switching from l to A change settings?

    No programmable settings are changed when switching between A/l/L.

    Some options are disabled when in A mode such as K band automute but they will be re-enabled when you switch back to one of the logic modes.
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    Default Re: Does switching from l to A change settings?

    the 'logic' modes change AutoMuting only(X and K). K-band is internally configurable; X-band is not.
    On my Reference Sheet, the settings in red(activated by 7) are are affected by the 'logic' modes.

    Changing to 'All' mode deactivates AutoMuting; other settings are unchanged. (Volume controlled by Knob untill mute-button is pushed)
    If X-band has been set to OFF, it is off in ALL modes

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    Default Re: Does switching from l to A change settings?

    Agree with the last 2 posts, if X is off, the modes don't make much difference.

    In states like NJ and OH, these modes would come into play.



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