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    Default Not crazy... maybee a little

    I must be very fortunate where I live. The reason I say this is because after hearing so many people make statements about how many falses they pick up with their V1, I was expecting to go crazy. My usual commute is 26 miles about 2/3 city & 1.3 highway. I only have 5 usual false spots that I encounter regularly on that route. My Belscorts picked them up as well. The difference is how much sooner I get the signals. I guess it make a big difference where you travel because Im not getting the problems with mine.

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    It's not hard to eliminate the false alerts, as long as you know what bands are used and which ones are not.

    My daily commute is all freeway, which would be nothing but Ka and laser.

    X is off and K is off.

    Almost no falses except for Infiniti cars and the occasional Cobra user.

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    In NC they still use X (very little, but still catch you by surprize sometimes) K and Ka are common. I think Im just lucky I dont have to travel thru high false areas. I did a few times go thru downtown and it got a little chatty. I just turned it off there because I couldnt speed anyway. I wouldnt classify it as any more noisy than my Belscort stuff.

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    Yeah it really does depend on where you live, I'm in upstate new york and have left K band on for most of my years but have never seen a real cop using it, only pub safety or mall security.

    Big L mode is nice, or little l if you know how to configure it properly. Most of the people complaining about the V1 either don't know how to configure it or live in a radar polluted area where any good detector would be going nuts.



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