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    amazing! Last night, as I crossed into NC from TN on I-26, my V1 sniffed a Ka signal at mile marker 4.5, then lost it as I went through a sweeping S curve. Once clear of the curves, it picked it up again, around mile marker 5.5, and continued to get stronger until I passed an NC State Trooper (Dodge Charger "slick top") sitting on the shoulder, using his rear mile marker 6.7. 2.2 miles of warning distance!

    In all fairness, his antenna was pointing towards me when the V1 first picked up the signal, before I went through the curves. That section of I-26 East is a mountain descent, so I was quite a bit higher than the NCHP trooper, and in a nose-down attitude, at first detection. Also, Im relatively certain that the conditions had something to do with it. The air was clear, cool, and dense, meaning the signal probably travels farther.

    Disclaimer: this wasnt technically a save, since I had been made aware of the presence of the trooper by a westbound truck driver via the CB.

    The V1 continues to impress me.

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    And that's constant on. You will be really impressed with this detector when you run into instant on, that is where this detector really excels.



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