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    Default V1: My first real encounter today!

    I had my first real experience with the V1 today on the Causeway and I have to admit, it was exciting. I was moving at pretty good clip (about 12 to 15 over which to these guys is money in the bank). I started detecting c/o KA band which I know to be 34.7 from these guys (can't confirm because my STi-R is for repairs but this is all they run aside from the Ultralyte LRB), from the front arrow (great range), when I started detecting a rear KA signal! Sure enough I had a Causeway cruiser coming up from behind!

    I was generally surprised out how well the rear antenna works! This is a relatively flat stretch of bridge with a few rises, but impressive nonetheless! I was able to detect the front threat and then back and as they passed me and the arrows pretty much switched and kept tracking the contacts! I know this is not I/O and I am sure to run into that eventually, but it was a time preface to the many encounters in the future.

    Why did I wait so long? The arrows are the bomb! Once I get my STi-R back I can compare detection range, but so far I am very impressed! I will always be a Belscort fan, but I have to eat my crow and admit that running a V1 with my Belscorts and my Blinder M47 gives me an incredible set-up that though not unbeatable it certainly is close!

    Now for a Cheetah mirror....hopefully.

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    Default Re: V1: My first real encounter today!

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