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    Default My V1 Experience

    I've been driving with different radar detectors for several years now, starting with the 8500 back in early 2000ish (don't remember exactly) when it came out, then buying an X50 which lasted me a few years up until 2006-2007. I went the summer 2007 without a radar detector (BIG MISTAKE!!!!) got two horrible tickets (86 in a 55, and 90 in a 65) both which put me to the limit (one more ticket and I'd get my license suspended).

    I had to buy something good, so I decided to purchase the 9500IX early 2009. Drove around with the 9500IX for a few months, but really was disappointed as I saw no real increase in range from my previous two detectors and the GPS is useless around where I'm from (no speedcams nor redlight cams) so I sold it for $400, leaving me with really only one or two detectors left to try (the V1 and the Sti).

    A few of my friends back in highschool had V1's and I always thought they were noisy, but figured by now V1's got most of their kinks worked out so I bought one as a christmas present to myself end of 2009. Boy was that the best move I've ever made hands down. $400 for a detector with better range than any previous detector I've owned, able to show me the direction the signal is coming from, and detect short bursts of Q/T which I believe has saved me at least once or twice.

    I consider myself one of the fastest drivers on the road, doing on average 100-110MPH highway driving, and probably around 20-25MPH over the PSL around town, and have always had to slam on my brakes with previous detectors. However, with the purchase of the V1, my brakes may survive a few more years as the range really outdoes any detector I've used. And you can't beat the arrows as it's always useful to know where the radar source is coming from.

    I don't think I'll be parting with my V1 anytime, and am confident to say this is the best detector for the money and the quality. Sure, it can be a little bit noisy with K around town, but to be honest I've never seen a cop using K band in my life, so I just run it in big L and about 80% of the time it goes off, it's a real threat.

    Great job VR, keep up the good work!

    PS - And I waited to write this review after my 250mile drive today where the V1 saved me 3 times from CO KA, and once from IO KA. Did about 100MPH the whole way (65PSL).

    And for anyone curious, I drive a Volvo S70 Turbo 5-Speed and love it.
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    Default Re: My V1 Experience

    The V1 is an excellent choice but if you are driving 100 mph or 25 mph over posted speed limit, I would suggest the CI and a very good JAMMER. Because your luck is going to run out. GOOD LUCK!

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    Default Re: My V1 Experience

    I think the V1 was a great move. Now hardwire and conceal it if you haven't done so already.

    Next I would look into a Blinder M27 or a Laser Interceptor Dual so you can deal with laser, like said before, your luck will run out at some point, and you can't beat lidar with the V1.

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    Default Re: My V1 Experience

    Yeah I was thinking about getting the M27, or maybe even the M47 if I can put aside a few extra bucks.. Is it easy to install by myself or do I need it custom installed by a body shop?
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    Default Re: My V1 Experience


    I install for a jammer should be relatively easy. Post up some pics of your car in the section called advice on placement and we'll help you out.

    I wouldn't be driving that fast if they us I/O, lol

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    Default Re: My V1 Experience

    R U a plant ?

    _ _Welcome to
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    no more beep-n-wonder

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    Default Re: My V1 Experience

    I don't think I'll be parting with my V1 anytime, and am confident to say this is the best detector for the money and the quality
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