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    Question Question About A Ka Encounter This Afternoon

    I have had my V1 (3.872) since September and have grown to love it. My old detector is a now retired S7 Bel V940. The difference in range between the two is simply incredible. My locals use a decent amount of I/O K Band and the V1 really shines (using rabbits of course). On the interstates, it's the Maryland State Police, which means Lidar or Ka Band. This afternoon, I encountered Ka in the form of a trooper sitting perpendicular to traffic in a break in the median on I-70. He was shooting traffic traveling East Bound as I was traveling West Bound. My confusion comes as the following: I began to pick up short brief blips of Ka a few times at the top of a hill. I traveled along for a good mile before hearing anything again. Then as I was right on top of the cruiser I again received several short weak Ka blips (no more than 3 or 4 LEDs). My question is this-- Is this normal? Was I in fact picking up the Trooper initially and then again when I arrived at his location? The signal strength never increased (I never went to full strength even while passing the trooper)? Any advice or thoughts would be most appreciated. Thanks!

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    I would say YES.

    You were picking up reflections of what was probably I/O radar.

    Sounds like the V1 gave you the much needed notice you were looking for and saved you a possible ticket!

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    Yes perfectly good example of V1 great ability to pick up ka I/0 MINE ALSO DID THAT and happened more than once as long as you slow down when you hear the first warning then the V1 is doing its job very well, I caught I/0 or quick trigger one of the two this morning V1 had small simple bleeps every 10 or 15 seconds on the off on then off..found the trooper hidden behind a bridge in the bushes , the V1 picked the first beeps up from 1.1 miles away i dont know how you could have any better protection than that !!! LOVE MY V1!! just not near city lol

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    You should take V1's alert seriously whenever you are on the highway in the middle of nowhere because very likely the threat is real.

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    Welcome to the world of instant-on. When you are the only one on the road, BLAM! Full signal for about 5 seconds! Hit the brakes and hope the blue lights do not come on!

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    Thanks so much on weighing in! Thus far, the only encounters with Ka Band have thankfully been C/O. I was inquiring for my own benefit and now have a much better feel for maintaining the proper distance between myself and my rabbit on the interstate. I really appreciate the input!!

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    A Similar Maryland State Police Tale - Today I pulled onto I-95 on my bike - no cars for 1/2 mile in front, no cars for 1/2 mile behind. I get a steady Ka hit from behind; after 2-3 minutes I think it *must* be false, but.... I elect to stay at 65. 2 min. later, a trooper who was blocking traffic behind zooms past me to go after the pack in front.
    - At 1/2 mile behind the signal was not strong.
    - When he got between .1 and .2 mi in front of me I didn't get any indication at all, until he passed an overhead sign.
    - Last month an MSP passed me - I couldn't detect him till .1-.2 miles behind me. After he passed, I could still see him .1 miles ahead but got very sparse hits from his constant on, and then only when there weren't cars between us.

    Lessons -
    - MSP uses very low power. Take Ka hits seriously.
    - Earlier today I was thinking of dumping my V1 to get updated Laser protection. I would have been nailed.

    May you ride well and often!


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    Great advice dcbikerrick! The MSP are certainly tricky with their radar tactics and of course that's leaving Lidar out of this discussion! I have to agree that having the rear antenna on the V1 is critical to detecting a trooper in traffic from behind. I have also had a few encounters with C/O Ka to the rear. Just when you begin to doubt if he's there, sure enough another minute and he zooms by looking for a kill. Great story though, glad you remained unscathed out there!



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