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    Default Great Idea for Concealing the Concealed Display

    This guy came up with a great stealth idea for his V1 Concealed Display:

    Corvette Forum - View Single Post - Valentine 1 Install with remote??

    I got a small plastic box from Radio Shack, installed a tiny red light, and labeled in big letters "Transmission Overtemp". I use that to cover the remote on my steering column when the car is parked. You could also put it there in a hurry if you are being pulled over, but remember that police are very good at detecting "furtive moves", you could end up being introduced to Mr. Glock.

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    Default Re: Great Idea for Concealing the Concealed Display

    Sounds like the guy I heard of from VA that had his V1 setup to trigger the red "BRAKE" light for the E-brake to come on when he got an alert, sent the proper message and was properly placed while being entirely unassuming.

    I'm planning on taking a page from that book and strategically placing the Escort alert LED on a smart wire cord, extending some wires and sticking the LED inside a blank red indicator on the Tach display.

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    Default Re: Great Idea for Concealing the Concealed Display

    when the best place for V1 main unit is near RVM, it is no need to have Concealed Display any more unless it is an illegal to have anything on windshield in some place of the world.
    To my opinion, there is only 2 good places for CD
    1/ instrument cluster
    2. front ashtray
    Otherwise, you can pay more to use Stealth mirror to be a CD



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