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    Default Very strange "little-l" bug

    There is a Bank of America that I pass by often in Tampa, Fl. It is on the corner of Kenendy Blvd and Mac Dill Ave. It emits quite a few X-band bogeys.... its almost always counted at 5. Signal ramp up is very non-linear, it gets very strong very quick close by, but when you're a bit away, its 1-2 leds for a while.

    The strange thing is, it *always* reports at full volume in little-l mode with this source. My other X band falses always get muted, but this one *always* starts out at unmuted volume. It's really bothersome because it lasts for a while, and it is definitely a bug.

    Anyone else experience this sort of thing?


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    i think vr has a deal with bank of america cause i can tell u when im within a mile of one in nyc

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    It's not necessarily a bug. It could be that it's strength and position cause the V1 to think that it is a real radar threat. Logic mode seems to be more complex than simply muting until a certain signal strength.

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    I've seen X alerts that light up 1 or 2 leds in big-L mode, so it definitely uses more than signal strength to determine whether to pass or filter a bogey. Some bogeys consistently set off X in L mode, but others are filtered out.
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