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    Default If I bought the V1 new/used. Will I have to upgrade?

    Thanks for your replies on my other topic. I have 2 more questions.

    1. Is the arrows the only thing that makes this better than its competition or does it have better range and performace as well?

    2. If I bought it new or slightly used for $350 (I think). Then would I have to upgrade anything? How much does it cost for an upgrade? How does the upgrading process work?

    3. Compare this thing to my $80 Whistler SRT35...just for laughs...

    Thanks for your replies in advance...

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    1.Yes arrows are for real (they really work and help), not a gimmic. It has better laser detection than all the other detectors and from what crazyvolvo said in another thread it also has great rear ka detection.

    2.You would definately not have to get a hardware update (those are the major updates) but might possibly get a 3.825 instead of a 3.826. Maybe not. I would try to call vr and see what update version it has before they ship it to you, im sure they wouldnt mind putting 3.826 on it if they didn't already have it as im sure they would like to get rid of those returned units also.

    3.get a v1 and do it yourself :twisted:

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    I would suggest you call V1 and get a returned one from them, it's $349 and same warranty. I got mine that way and didn't know it wasn't new. :shock: Either way it's worth every penny.



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