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    Default K alert from Escort X50

    I was driving to work today and a TL came up next to me and i saw that he had a x50 mounted to the lower part of his windsheild as he passed and then pulled in front of me a K band blip and then nothing. There was nothing else around and I don't get falses. Is this common?

    I know this past weekend I was just messing around with my V1 and v955 and when i powered up the bel it would give off a K alert front when starting up and then as I drove with both of them on(know that ur not suppost to) when reflected sometimes i would get a K alert then it would go away.

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    Default Re: K alert from Escort X50

    Both my RX65 and V1 false X-band to each other when they're close, less than 6ft or so. It's reasonable to assume that you'd get a false alert if you were very close to another car. Nothing like the Cobra falses though.



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