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    I have only had my V1 for a week or so and it has already saved me 4 times.

    one particular moment was over a long bridge where i normally go 10 over the PSL because I thought there was nowhere for a LEO to sit. I was wrong, I picked up a signal about a mile before the bridge and it turned off, then again a second later. Classic sign of I/O. I slow down on the bridge only to see the LEO hiding in the ditch behind the bridge wall. as soon as I pass him my V1 signals another bogey lock arrow pointing forward. Confused, I decide to play it safe. A half mile later on the left side this time there was a LEO sitting in the tall brush where he was only visible after you pass him.

    I love my V1

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    That is a very good V1 Moment!

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    Arrows and Boogie Counter FTW
    Very nice V1 moment!!!

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    Congrats on your first saves

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    say goodbye to Beep-N-Wonder

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    awesome. Cannot wait to get mine.



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