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    Default Well it finally happened Ace's V1 ...

    ... remote audio adapter and power cable died today. I knew something was wrong when my V1's display started flashing at me. It went off and on sometimes slowly like a light switch going off and on and then it would speed up almost like a strobe light.

    Now I didn't realize it was the adapter at first. I thought I had better check the cables and after checking I found out that the cable that runs from my remote audio adapter ( really just a $50 overpriced on/off switch) to my main unit would easily slide in and out causing the display to go dark when pushed IN and come back to life when pulled OUT.

    So I head over to radio shack and buy a 25 foot WHITE cord. Now I know what your thinking why in the heck did you go for white and the simple answer was they were out of black. So carrying onward, I get home and remove the old broken black cord that oddly enough I bought from another RS about 3 years ago. I hook up the cable and go to test everything and still it does its little strobe flicker thing.

    At this point I am like what is going on? Then when I go to turn it off it hits me! Hmmmm maybe just maybe it's this here audio adapter??? BINGO!!!! I disconnect the adapter and switch it out for a simple cord connector ( 2 cords unite together to form one continuous line). And Voila! My V1 is back in business. A nice constant on display and alerting to my Bushnell gun for testing verification.

    So what have we learned. 1) Remain calm you will eventually find the area in question. 2) phone cords break easily so be kind to them. 3) When you have a flickering almost strobe like display with the letter A appearing quickly and disappearing even quicker it looks wicked awesome! As a side note when I fired my Bushnell it remained constantly lit until it went back to A mode (standby as I like to call it) before I disconnected it. 4) Never pay $50 for a remote audio adapter that you plan to use to turn on and off your V1 because you are too lazy to reach up and do it. 6) Donating $1 to help children out makes all the heck you just went through worth it and gives you a brighter future feeling for tomorrow! (Made at time of purchase for the phone cord)

    I have to say I learned that just when you think all hope is lost and your V1 will look awesome but might be damaged for whatever improper voltage thoughts that come across your mind in the end everything works out just fine. Have a great day folks!

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    Default Re: Well it finally happened Ace's V1 ...

    nuff said

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    Default Re: Well it finally happened Ace's V1 ...

    7) Adding a $3 inline kill switch to turn your V1 on/off is better than buying a $50 audio adapter for this purpose.
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