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    Ok so I gotta ask how do you have your V1 programmed. I only have X band turned off but I don't know if I should switch any other settings on it. Especially when I go into city and stuff K band gets annoying with auto opening doors and what not. But sometimes it could be cops. But if you don't mind sharing with me what settings you have throughout your entire V1 system thanks.

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    They use everything in NY except X. You will be getting endless falses with the v1. Unless you live upstate. Shoulda got a 9500ix. Also the construction signs usually have drones. Theres no way to avoid the falses unless you lock them out. If you ever jump on the NJ turnpike turn X on cause they use it.

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    I left mine at factory settings but turned off X band. Be very careful on the FDR and the Southern State as they are now using Instant On K band.... Also, on the birdges, tunnels and at the airports, the Port Authority Police use lidar now.

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    I am guessing you mean NYC...

    I live upstate and only use the V1 for the thruway:

    A-mode, Ka-guard off (often times... this changes).

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    When ever I am in NY I run

    X-band off
    KA-gaurd ON

    I also have the 30second k-band automute which unmutes at 4leds but that only comes into play when i am off the freeway.

    I find way too much falseing with KA-gaurd-off and pop on it gives me a huge doubt in the V1. With pop off and ka-gaurd on i know its a real KA alert I am slowing down for

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    Oh ok cause from now on when I drive in NYC and stuff I'm just shutting it off it tends to get annoying. But right now I'm driving up to Mahopac with my friend and I have everything on but X band. I'm trying to figure out which way I get can a Ka from the Troopers from farthest away when I'm on the taconic setting wise. Or is it just fine at factory settings with X band off.

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    I live upstate NY, why you guys turning OFF X-band and POP?

    sorry newbie here.


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    Well my POP is on but my X band is off because like door openers and all the bs stuff really use X band unless like someone on my post said NJ uses X band otherwise NY doesn't so its pointless to have on it'll just beep annoyingly.

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    I leave everything on when I'm in NYC lol. I don't false THAT much with X band so it doesn't bother me. I haven't come across lidar or instant on K yet but I'm not in the city for that long when I am there. Driving back upstate I usually see at least 1 LEO running I/O Ka.




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