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    Default Just ordered the V1, the right move?

    Hey guys, new member here. I live in Atlanta, GA, actually Marietta, GA about 12 miles from ATL. I've had a Whistler 1776 for about 5 years and it's actually done a pretty good job (although I've never used a top of the line RD). But, I now have the money for a good one so I ordered the V1. How much difference will I notice?

    I actually do mostly city driving and I heard the 9500 IX was better for the city b/c of the GPS (and also the red light cameras, which are prevalent here), but I wanted the arrows. Is anyone familiar with Atlanta/Marietta, or even if not, do you think I made the right decision?

    I can't wait for it to get here to try it out.
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    Default Re: Just ordered the V1

    The difference between your Whistler and the V1 is like night and day.

    2005 Radar Detector Buyer's Guide - Motor Trend News

    2005 Comparison:

    Whistler 1776

    + Best POP mode performance for less than $200
    - Poor performance in the over-the-hill test

    The Whistler 1776 offers a strong feature set with an excellent display combined with very fast response. If your budget can't stretch beyond $150, the Whistler 1776 offers the best balance between price and performance.

    Valentine One
    Valentine One radar and laser detectors
    Total points: 88

    + Outstanding radar and laser detection abilities
    - Lacks integrated laser jamming capabilities

    With its directional arrows, combined with outstanding sensitivity across all bands, the Valentine One remains the standard by which all other radar/laser detectors are measured against.

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    Default Re: Just ordered the V1

    Very Good Choice

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    Default Re: Just ordered the V1

    Congrats! You will love it.

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    Default Re: Just ordered the V1

    Oh wow, you're in for a treat then. Difference between an older Whistler and a V1 is going to be HUGE.

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    Default Re: Just ordered the V1

    That's awesome, I'm sure I'll notice a big difference.

    The only thing is I do mostly city driving, and I know the V1 will have a much further range so hopefully I don't get a ton of falses. The Whistler had plenty of falses but I would learn the areas where they typically were so it didn't bother me too much. Plus, I could just turn the volume down as it had the bright blue flashing lights when it picked up radar.

    I have the 30 day trial, so hopefully I love it (I really wanted the arrows), but if it falses too much I may have to go with the IX.

    Also, quick question on mounting. I have a Tundra DC that is lifted with big tires, should I still mount the RD as high as possible like recommended on other vehicles?

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    Default Re: Just ordered the V1

    Congrat on your new radar detector, i just got the IX and just love it because I do a lot of city driving so this work best for me. Let us know how you like it?

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    Default Re: Just ordered the V1


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    Default Re: Just ordered the V1

    First run the V1 in A mode for at least 2 week to see how it works and to see how the bogie's show up and how many and learn the count on Falsies I have found one hiding in there....

    If you do allot of city driving I used OldGoat's link's in his signature and it is great for setup. I would check it out in the quote below: I am so glad OldGoat put this out here for us newbies to the V1. Old Goat FTW

    Quote Originally Posted by OldGoat View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by gilberto814 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by why1504 View Post
    I have V1's in every car. I just learned about the customizing of the V1. I drive in the city 50% of the time. ... ... ...

    ... ... I drive approximately 30,000 miles a year.
    Right now I have the V1's let to Large L. Is this my best choice?

    This is a Sticky in the V1 Forum it will answer lots of your questions!

    READ THIS FIRST! - Archived Stickies
    at some point, follow the red link in my sig

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    Default Re: Just ordered the V1



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