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    Default United Kingdom mode setting frequencies help?

    Hi, After my purchase of the beltronics 550 I seem to be hooked and just bought a Valentine one off ebay. It appears to be the non euro model. Could anyone tell me if this is correct setting for united kingdom, Ive used the valentine site to make these changes:

    1 X band OFF - down switch
    2 K band ON - up switch
    3 Ka band OFF - down switch
    H Ku Band ON - down switch

    This is from info on the beltronics post:

    But doing this doesnt seem to pick up any GATSO speed traps?
    Is there something I'm doing wrong?

    Any help appreciated.

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    You have the V1 setup correctly for the UK according to my research. What a about the GATSO itself? Is it working?

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    Default Yes

    the gatso is working as i tried the bel 550 initially. wonder what could be wrong?

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    some radar guns use ka band in the uk..

    and there are ku band mini gatsos knocking about in london areas!

    most of the gatsos are switched off or have no radar in them, go to every gatso in your area or even out of your area and you will find a live one but this is still no indication that there is a camera in it, as their can be just a radar in it or a camera and a radar!

    too check if your v1's k band is working find a supermarket or crossing with a k band radar!

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    Default thanks

    Thanks laser, so it might be best to leave everything on except the X band.
    Know a local DIY store which definately set the bel 550 euro off so will give this a try.

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    Default damn

    dont think it works, as took it to the DIY store and no alerts at all!
    Is there a way to reset the V1?

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    I think u should turn your KA band back on

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    Here is where I got my info. This is an add for the SNOOPER but I hope the info is correct?

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    tried it again on a trip with gatsos, used my bel550 which alerted me way ahead of the gatso. Tried the val one, even decided to put all the bands to ON. Not a single alert
    Wanted the val one to work as it was directional unlike the bel550.
    Anyway, at least I ahve 6 months warranty on this one, so will give the company a ring in the morning :shock:
    P.s. thanks bogey for the useful info!
    P.s apologies moderators ops:

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    Default Got a replacement

    Finally got a replacement seems to pick up more laser false alerts now! Will spend some time with it on the roads and see if it still works. Realised now the Val 1 has an autodimmer too!



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