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    Default getting alot of falses

    hey guys i am new to the v1 and understand it is sensative but it really has been picking up a ton of falses from doors currently this is what i have done to help the situation

    x band off
    and running on L

    being in FL they dont use x band radar from my knowledge. i just dont know what else to do that may reduce the falsing.... have yet to have a police encounter with it yet.

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    Default Re: getting alot of falses

    You're taking the wrong approach.

    Do not try to get rid of the falsing. Embrace it, know it, live it, make it a part of you. Become one with the V1, grasshopper. A RADAR Jedi can feel the false flowing through him.

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    Default Re: getting alot of falses

    Living in Florida with a Valentine One means you will know where every CVS, Walgreens and Publix are at. Just get used to how many bogies you get at certain locations.



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