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    Default V1 Newbie ... Some questions. (Long post, be warned)

    Hi guys,

    I'm a newbie to the world of the V-1 and radar detectors in general. Just before christmas I decided that my clean license has been more due to good luck than anything else and decided to invest in a radar detector, after some careful consideration, the V1 had it for me. It's a brand new POP2 with the current version of the software (3.826).

    I've reprogrammed the unit to suit our local conditions:

    • NZ speed enforcement hasn't used X-Band for over 20 years now and there are no X-Band units operating hence I've disabled X-band.
    • NZ speed enforcement has been phasing out their older K-Band equipment ("hawk" radar) and no longer uses it. Although it's rumoured that some units do still use these radars, noone's seen a confirmed "K" bogey in about 4 or 5 years. Hence I've disabled K-Band.
    • NZ speed enforcement uses strictly Ka band radar, Specifically the "STALKER" and "STALKER PRO" units. Hence I've increased the reporting of Ka-Band threats (Option 5 in the programming).

    I've done about 1000 miles of motoring in recent weeks and I've noticed that when K-Band is ON, I get so many falses in urban areas, the thing never shuts up.. this is not really a problem as I operate it with K OFF, but it was just interesting that it behaved this way... if I still had to use K-Band, it would be VERY annoying.

    While I've been pleased with the performance of my unit thus far, I've got some questions and peculiarities I've noticed that you people might be able to help me with.

    The first threat I ever picked up on the V1 was detected about 800m away and the V1 behaved exactly as I'd expected. Cruiser parked by the side of the road transmitting strongly. I picked him up and the V1 gave me plenty of warning and then told me as I'd passed the threat. The second threat I encountered, a speed camera, was picked up at about 600+m and the V1 reacted as expected. FANTASTIC.

    Throughout my journey I passed several cruisers and the V1 remained silent (I assume they were not broadcasting) but it's also picked up a few where the V1 was silent, I saw the cruiser coming towards me (oncoming) and then as he got close the V1 went mental. I assume this is a POP burst? I've been told that the police in NZ don't use POP tactics, but this certainly seems like it (either that or my V1 isn't detecting them until they're really close). Can the STALKER or STALKER PRO perform instant-on operations? I also encountered another speed camera that the V1 didn't detect until I was right on top of it (40-50m away)... same story, no reporting then BAM the V1 went crazy (but long after I'd seen the threat visually). This struck me as very weird as the camera can't do instant-on, it should have picked it up long before that surely. Could my positioning on the windscreen be affecting it? It's mounted just beside the rear vision mirror, high in the middle, the car has no tint-strip, although the windscreen does have a built-in tint-strip at the top. My V1 is mounted below this. See photos below:

    I chose this mounting as the car sits VERY low. The top of my windscreen is about mid-windscreen on a normal car and about bonnet height of the average small SUV. It also gives a clear view through the back window, as you can see, which is necessary to detect rear laser hits (common in NZ). I could mount it a little lower perhaps, but maybe only 6" below where it is now before the rear antenna becomes obscured at the rear. The front plate on my car is small (as is the whole car) and front laser would be hard to lock-on. My bonnet (hood) is all radiator (horizontal) and ducting and heavily sloped so the reflection blinding you get on front laser from most bonnets isn't a problem here. Given that the car is so low and small and they'll probably be targeting my headlights or bonnet to get a laser reading, the top of the windscreen on my car is closer to the front of the car on my car than it would be on the dashboard of most other cars. This should still be good for picking up front-end laser bursts? I know it's effective at picking up rear laser bursts as I've already had one of these and although brief (I don't think he got a lock) the V1 gave me enough warning to check my speed. Is this positioning optimal? is there any way I could improve this? Could this positioning maybe be contributing to the late detection of some of these Ka threats?

    Another thing that concerns me is the number of false Ka alerts I'm getting from other detectors, mainly oncoming ones. On the highway I'm getting 5-6 falses to every genuine threat and this is a little high for my liking. It's the holiday season and EVERYONE out there seams to have an el-cheapo detector strapped to their windscreen and it seems to be driving my V1 bonkers. I've also not-yet heard the V1 dismiss any of these detector signals as "junk". They also seem to get detected at about 200m or so, gradually increase in strength, remain strong for a couple of seconds after they pass me by, and then fade away to nothing very quickly. Also the couple that I detected travelling in the same direction as me, I didn't pick them up at all when I was behind them (understandable as they have only forward facing antenna) but after I passed them, I could detect them a good 6-800m behind me... this is another thing that makes me think my positioning might be affecting the V1's efficiency... its rearward detection seems superior to its front detection on many occasions..

    Another question is that I'm operating the detector in "A" mode, with all bogeys showing. From what I've read in the V1 manual, it suggests that using it in the "Logic" or "Advanced Logic" modes only has an effect on X-band reporting. Is this true? Is this perhaps the reason I'm detecting so many junk detectors? Is this the reason the V1 isn't "junking" signals from these other detectors? What modes do others operate their V1s in? I've only left it in "A" mode initially as I want to learn the characteristics of the detector, I'm not quite trusting enough of it yet.

    Sorry for such a long post. I've got a lot of questions and will undoubtedly have more of them and I wanted to embody them all in the one thread so as not to spam-up the forum. If anyone can help me or give me any suggestions on how to rectify these issues, or explain them, or give me information on how I can further optimise the operation of my V1, please let me know.

    Many thanks


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    First of all, nice car!

    I will answer what I can. First of all, instant-on and POP are two different things. The cruisers that you saw were probably using instant on, that is why it did not alert until you were very close. As for the camera, I do not know because we do not have speed cameras in Florida. As for the height of the looks fine to me, but you could try to set it a bit lower. Maybe a bit to the right of the mirror. And the mode? I do not know. I just use "A" mode and live with the falses. *shrugs*

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    This is from your POST "BAM the V1 went crazy (but long after I'd seen the threat visually). This struck me as very weird as the camera can't do instant-on, it should have picked it up long before that surely. Could my positioning on the windscreen be affecting it?"

    This description WORRIES me or lets say makes me think......... I sent in my 3.825 unit since I felt the FRONT antennae was "broken" It behaved exactly as you mention above. On KA band it would not alert until 20 metres away and the signal meter at FULL BLAST! I sent in the unit and VR could not find anything wrong with it and that made me even more worried. I just recieved my 3.826 back and have not encountered any LEO'S yet but will report as soon as I have the FACTS.

    p.s The mounting has nothing to do with what you described. Keep it at this position since the Lotus Elise is SO LOW!!


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    Hehe thanks for the comments on the car. Aah ok, I imagine they WERE using instant-on... they hit me as soon as they saw me so I can imagine that's what happened.

    As for the speed camera, these are notoriously hard to detect as they use a narrow beam pointing across the road at an angle... it's just strange that it picked one of them up several hundred metres away yet another it didn't pick up until I was right on top of it. I'll do a few more miles with it I think before making judgement. I'll also keep it in the position I've got it in at the moment, Visually and ergonomically it's good there and I'm weary of pittuing it TOO low as this may hinder performance somewhat.

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    I am experiencing the same problem you have with the K band but I have it in the "L" mode which is suppose to be the most filtered from falses. What I did was I disengaged the K band and the X band even with the L mode engaged I get too many falses. I will try it out later as I just did this and will have to see how it works. I never got a "J" alert for the junk detectors, have had a few KA signals go off and a few lasers both of which I suspect were false alarms. I guess I will experiment and put in the "A" mode since I have eliminated the k and X bands. I'm in California and the California Highway Patrol is primarily KA band and VASCAR

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    LS2, Unless you use the automuting codes in the reprogramming section logic mode and advanced logic mode only works for X band. That is why it never made a difference for you when trying to filter K band.
    Be careful driving around with K band shut off as a lot of local LEO's are still using it.
    You would be much better off if you start using the automuting codes that I have chosen, that way you can still monitor K band visually and switch K band back to full alert much faster.
    Before you found out how to set the codes on the V1 you said that you might return it,
    What is your decision now?

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    Default ka falses

    hey there
    i find in nz that if the ka gaurd(6) is off i get more falses /some rds set them off and others dont...who knows why
    around town i turn it on and over the hols /open rd ive had it off
    cameras ive had lots of ver results from heaps of warning to f... all
    most times i see them first av hit 400m best 550m
    i have ka and laser and pop on and run "A" .. l and L are for the k band

    as for stalker well ,the cops are getting wise and doing instant hits specially the northland cops over xmas
    best hit ive had is 2.5 km coming down bombays towards town and he had it in constant mode.
    nz has so many cnrs and varibles its hard to get a long straight to see what the v1 will really do
    give me a call if you want any more thoughts/info 0274 414243
    also ghz1 in ch ch is full of good info



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