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    Default upgrade questions.

    on the v1 website, they say that if the serial number has been tampered with, it can't be upgraded. here's my thing, the FCC card on the back came off after the adhesive melted off (texas heat) so i taped the serial number on since i knew i needed it. think they'll consider that tampering? I'm not sure if they keep records, but i sent it in for upgrading back in the early 2000s and i purchased the unit from them in like 98. Reason i'm inquiring about this now is that i need a new windshield suction mount and the rubber power cord is showing it's age... the performance of the unit still gives me plenty of time to slow down to a cop (besides this one time i got nailed going over a hill in the middle of nowhere... 81 in a 70. stupid small town cops).

    1.7 / v2.690

    edit- and two of arrows have burned out. the front and back... i slow down regardless of direction though.

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    Default Re: upgrade questions.

    you should have no problem getting it fixed/upgraded just as long as the serial number is on there. let us know how it turns out when you get it back.
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    Default Re: upgrade questions.

    yeah i'll give them a call tomorrow.

    just wondering, anyway to tell how old my unit is? i know for one, it doesn't have the LEDs to show which band the cop is using... and i know that that feature has been on the V1 for a longg time.

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    Default Re: upgrade questions.

    X2. They do keep your record of purchase. The plastic came off and the serial no. was not readable but the bar code was on the unit I sent in for upgrade which the code was detatched and no problem with them.



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