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    Default My V1 software version.

    Hey, I just got a V1 a couple weeks ago.

    S/N: 2528011038

    How do I know what software version I have? I assume since I bought it a couple weeks ago that it should be the latest. Thanks.


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    Default Re: My V1 software version.

    If you bought it from VR it will be the 3.872. This is the newest version. Just push the knob in and hold it in while turning it to the right, then it will flash what version it is.

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    Default Re: My V1 software version.

    Quote Originally Posted by Oyusan View Post
    How do I know what software version I have?
    Try reading .....

    Ask Mike - Report #3

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    Default Re: My V1 software version.

    Here's my vid

    [ame=]YouTube - How to check your V1's version[/ame]



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