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    Question Quick Question about Concealed Display Unit

    Hi, I just bought a concealed display unit off ebay from a reputable seller, but when i connect it up, none of the LEDs light up. When I press the mute/mode button on it, the main V1 unit cycles through its 3 modes, Auto, Logic and Advanced logic. So in effect it is communicating with my V1, but none of the concealed display units LED lights are coming on.

    To exclude my V1 as the cause, could someone confirm if the concealed display should light up even if no V1 is connected to the power harness? ie only the concealed display unit is connected up for power?

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    Default Re: Quick Question about Concealed Display Unit

    The concealed display will only turn on when a V1 is powered and connected to it. The knob on the concealed display works exactly the same as pushing on the V1 knob. Press once to mute, press and hold to change modes.

    Sounds like you got a junk display, return it and just buy it directly from VR.

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    Default Re: Quick Question about Concealed Display Unit

    Don't get too creative Your new CD may be fine

    You likely have a faulty connection or conductor. Inspect both ends of all FOUR connections. If all looks good, swap out both wires (you can buy new, short ones for a couple dollars each)
    The V-1, itself, uses only 2 of the 4 conductors for power. A previously unused wire/connection is likely to be faulty.

    I was just able to re-create this symptom by blocking one of the data-only connections on the V-1 side of the power-plug (not the CD side) proving that the V-1 will operate solo with a defective(incomplete) set of connections.
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