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    Default two questions for you guys...

    I'm trying to get some information on this thing so I'm not totally lost when I try it out tomorrow. My only 2 questions have to do with the muting and Ka guard.

    First - What exactly does the Ka guard do, and how does it work? From my understanding, it helps to block out Ka flases, but how does the V1 determine a false from a threat?

    Second - The muting. I'm definitely wanting to have K band to where it is either muted or at a very low level while traveling through areas with K falses. From what I have read, I can keep the tone down until the threat and/or false gets so close to me. I have searched this on the Valentine site, but it is still a bit confusing to me. If anyone can give any information on this, it'd be appreciated.

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    Default Re: two questions for you guys...

    I run mine with KA guard on, with little l. thats what works for me.

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    Default Re: two questions for you guys...

    search is your friend



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