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    Default Preliminary Notes

    Preliminary Notes:

    (1) Regarding the Valentine 1 documentation that ships with the unit, it is refreshing to see a clearly written and logically organized User Guide. The steps are intuitive, the graphical illustrations are brilliant, and the center fold-out section is eye-catching. Even the paragraph formatting and white-spacing is spot on. My compliments to the technical writer(s) who planned and wrote this deliverable. This is a departure from the sketchy notes that are written in broken English, placed in-the-box as an after-thought, and shipped with a good portion of electronic products.

    (2) Regarding modifications to the remote display (I hope that I don't make enemies here), I fully understand the fun in modifying the products that you own and tailor fit them to your specifications. Further, I think the multi-colored LEDs add a nice accent to distinguish the various bands. I chose to leave mine stock. I like the way that the remote display fits onto the cigarette lighter adapter and can live with the red designation for each band.

    (3) Regarding the Radar Active Interface, It would be nice if Radar Active could allow the color of the X, K, Ka, and L bands on their User Interface as User Defined. Choosing a different color for each band (in much the same way that the Alarm Clock app on the iPhone does) would be an added plus.

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