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    Default V1 Picking Up 9500i

    I was leaving work and my V1 just started screaming K band. I turned to leave the parking lot with a S curve behind me and then I got a full alert from behind. I was confused I thought the V1 was acting up and fell out of tune. Well as I got on the tollway and this Silverado got further behind me the alert went away and then he started catching up and then passed me. His 9500 was giving me full K alert and I was picking him up to 3/4 miles away. Is this a normal thing or is his RD that leaky and possible bad? Has anyone else had this happen?
    I got this from my Bel when I was running both RD at the same time but it wasn't constant it was every once in a while that I got a K alert!
    It was annoying that he was behind me for a half hour till he passed me and got off the tollway

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    Default Re: V1 Picking Up 9500i

    happens to me too, except with Ka which in my opinion is more serious than K.... it was due to cobras



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