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    Default 3 days with the v1 and 500 miles

    Been messing with my new v1 for a few days now and this is what I have learned.

    Cops in the median are just sitting there 80% of the time lol

    Cops on the side of the road are always running radar lol

    Why no x band mute?

    K band mute is great.

    Is 10 seconds of warning give or take normal (I know hard question). I picked up a leo. From over a hill and around a turn in A mode. He was running k traffic
    On the interstate.
    Also picked up k band in town with not a lot of warning, 7 seconds or so. He was in a parking lot not many obstructions and close to the road. Medium traffic

    In 500 miles two cops were running radar lol makes for sad testing condictions lol.

    I got one j out which was ka.
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    Default Re: 3 days with the v1 and 500 miles

    If a cop is on the side of the road they are NOT always running radar. Ever heard of lidar?

    X band has no mute since X is rarely used except for a few areas (search the forum for that)

    As for the time of warning, it depends on the terrain, weather, etc.

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    Default Re: 3 days with the v1 and 500 miles

    Yes I know about lidar, I even get as close to the leo as I can to check if he is holding a lidar gun. The ones I seen were doing other things lol.

    I was being sarcastic on where they sit, I know they can radar anywhere.

    I know them factors matter, tried to give as much info as possible, forgot the clear weather.

    I figured that is why there is no x mute, to bad I'm in ohio lol

    The arrows are great



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