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    Default Should I bother having a power switch when hardwiring?

    I'm finally going to hardwire my V1 and placement of a power switch is a bit of an issue. The fuse I plan on tapping is only active with power (accessory or ignition), so in a potential traffic stop, there wouldn't be any noise coming from the device.

    So, aside from DC or VA where you need to try and avoid a Spectre, should I just leave it simple, or is the consensus that it is worth having that additional switch? I figured that i could always adjust volume if muting isn't working well (there are a few roads with "Your speed is" signs), and that's still safer than powering off.

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    Default Re: Should I bother having a power switch when hardwiring?

    I have had a V1 since it first came out, and have always had it hardwired into my cars (more than 8 of them, I think). I have a remote display also hardwired in, and even a remote mute button on the turn signal stalk, which is often handy. However, I have never had a cutoff switch and don't miss having one. I'm not sure when I would use it. I think that being sure that the power source to the V1 is switched so that power is not being drawn when the ignition is off is all you need to do, as you can just as quickly turn it off by using the knob or by unplugging it.
    On the other hand, if you have an easily accessible spot on the dash and an inconspicuous switch and don't mind leaving a hole in the car for the next buyer, the wiring should be pretty easy. I would not do this unless I could get a switch that fit into one of the unused "dummy spots" on the dash reserved for accessories not installed in my car at the time of manufacture. Unfortunately, such switches are usually so expensive that it's just not worth the trouble for a switch that might be used once or twice a year, at most.
    I say forget it. Install the V1 and after 6 months reconsider the cutoff switch in light of your own experiences.

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    Default Re: Should I bother having a power switch when hardwiring?

    I wired mine with a switch because I had to run power to my center console for my CB so it was only a little extra work. I don't really know why I put it in other than because I could.

    It's really handy for shutting it up when I go into a high false area, and when I forget to turn the volume down before driving onto a military base - the switch is down low by the shifter and a lot less suspicious to operate than the volume/power knob. I also like to cut the power before I start the car so the V1 doesn't power up twice.

    Is it useful? Yes, but I could live without it. I do have my concealed display in a good hidden spot so I don't have to worry about the V1 lighting up for everyone to see.



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