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    Default does disabling v-1's bands 'park' it on one frequency?

    This is prob a newb question.

    I notice I can disable X, K, Ka, etc. bands in the programming.

    If I was just after Ka.... Could I disable X, and K, and would it 'park' it on the Ka frequenc(ies?), or disable X, and Ka to 'park' it on K?

    Making it more likely to respond to a quick trigger threat because its scanning less other stuff?

    or does it still scan everything, but just doesnt report X, and K (or X and Ka in the other example)>?

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    Default Re: does disabling v-1's bands 'park' it on one frequency?

    Disabling bands doesn't increase range on the other bands. Only thing that happens is it's more quiet and the V1 runs cooler.

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    Default Re: does disabling v-1's bands 'park' it on one frequency?

    To the best of my knowledge, it only disables the alerts.

    I believe people have done informal tests to see if it improved the alert times any, and I don't think it made one bit of difference.



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