I just hardwired my V1 and remote display. I had to get so extra parts which is a drag after dropping all that coin on the v1. Tapped off the lighter, I had to get another tap for the negative. The black wires much shorter than the red. The should just leave the wires the same length and give you a few connecters what's the extra cost 25cents. I ran the cable under the dash under the a-pillar cover under the headliner to right over the rearview. I got it all done under the a pillar and when I ran it down next to the shifter where I have the power block I was short like 1 foot. What gives with 2 8 ft cords, send a 10 with the remote display. So run to the store to by a black phone cord, which the first place didn't have. So I got to do everything twice. I have the display right by the tac, I like having up high down by the lighter your eyes are off the road. Get someone else wiht a radar in front of you slaming on there brakes and crash. Im going to mve it around a bit to see what spots the best.