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    Default Radar or Laser type on California PCH motorcycle

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and have recently purchased a V! after getting pulled over by a motorcycle cop last night. Can anyone tell me what kind of radar or laser equipment a motorcyle officer would use? He was following me for awhile and clocked me doing 82 in a 65 and I wanted to know if the V1 would be a good option for a motorcyle following you waiting for you to break the speed limit. Thanks.


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    Well, the V1 will pick up pretty much anything that he could possibly aim at you. It won't necessarily help if it's laser because it will only alert when you have been targeted, at which point he already has your speed. you might want to invest in Veil + a lasershield to give you a fighting chance. Even so, V1 has the best laser detection capabilities to date.

    Instant-on radar is kinda tricky too. You need to have people in front of you who will be targeted first so that you can pick up an alert. If you were travelling all by yourself and you happened upon the officer you would have been screwed with or without your V1.

    Are you planning to fight the ticket?

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    Well I never really considered fighting the ticket since I should be eligible for traffic school, although after reading some of the posts it seem it could be an option. Thanks for the info and I plan to look into veil and a laser shield. So from your experience an officer travelling on a bike could use any number of radar or laser technology or are some confined to stationary handheld only guns? Do you find an indepth understanding of all the different radar bands/technology is neccessary to get the most out of V1? From what I gather on the forums learning the details of your own commute route will help as well.

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    In order for the officer to use laser he must be stationary. Welcome to the board! Great choice with a V1...

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    Default Re: Radar or Laser type on California PCH motorcycle

    Quote Originally Posted by Benny
    Can anyone tell me what kind of radar or laser equipment a motorcyle officer would use?
    CHP use Ka, and local PDs can use K. I haven't seen any X in California.

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    If he was clocking you for a while then the cop was probably not using radar or lidar. He was pacing you; reading his speedometer while travelling at your speed. No detector will help you in that case.

    Look in your rearview mirror often. And at night learn what the headlights for the police vehicles in your area look like.



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