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    Default X-Band in Florida

    Is X band use legal in florida for issuing tickets? I would like to be total sure before turning the band off (after reading a blog by veilguy)..

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    Default Re: X-Band in Florida

    It's a tricky question. Is it's use legal? Yes. Is it currently approved for new purchases? No, and has not been for years. However, don't let that fool you. X-band is alive and well in Floridia, albeit extremely rare. I've personally seen it in Hernando and St. Lucie counties in the last two years. Chances of you running into it are very slim, but they do exist. If X-falses are intolerable, then turn it off at your own risk. Better solution is to just run it in L-mode.

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    Default Re: X-Band in Florida

    it think it is not approved for issuing tickets. Someone found a written law for it but I'm not sure where to find it.

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    Default Re: X-Band in Florida

    Question? Has a new radar gun list been approved by the state? Other members have also noted seeing a rare X band here and there (an university campus for example) but forum members state that the ticket can be beat due to the approved radar gun list does not include any X band guns. The only X band made today would be the MPH Python, is it on the list as X band? It was questioned before.... Do a forum search- "Florida approved radar guns" a list and website posted by Buz- Florida: A list of all approved- and 9500ier with the newer 2009 list posted
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    Default Re: X-Band in Florida

    I saw it once about 7 years ago on one of those "your speed is..." scare type signs in Palm Beach County. My Passport 8500 didn't alert to the sign, as I had X band turned off. As a test, I turned it on and drove by the sign again and bingo.

    What sucks is that they are now using Ka band "your speed is" signs.

    But as to the original subject, I personally have not seen it in Palm Beach County and surrounding areas and I've lived here my whole life. Been driving with a detector since 2000 or so.

    I still have X band "on" on my V1, just run in Big L mode and it keeps the falses down. I just always want to be prepared. You never know what's coming down the pike, know what I mean?
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    Default Re: X-Band in Florida

    It's not legal in Florida to the best of my knowledge, but I've heard of it being used. I saw a Deland city cop using it one time. I keep it on in any case, because I guarantee if I ever do turn it off THAT will be the one time I encounter it.

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    Default Re: X-Band in Florida

    I have travelled through Florida quite a bit and never encountered X band.But that does not mean it is not being used.

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    Default Re: X-Band in Florida

    Can someone who has Microsoft Office post the updated Florida approved speed mesuring devices list approved on 6-6-2010. To get there, search "Florida approved radar guns" and the thread by Buz has the website link. Click on the link and go there "Florida approved speed measuring devices". Thanks...

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    Default Re: X-Band in Florida

    15B-2.013 Approved Speed Measuring Devices.
    The following speed measuring devices have been approved for use in this State by the Department pursuant to this rule chapter.
    (1) Radar units acquired for use in this State after August 1, 1982, are listed below. Additional radar units will be approved by the Department based on conformance to these rules. Evidence of approval of additional units shall be by a Certificate of Approval Form HSMV 60013 (Rev. 7/03), which is available by contacting the Florida Highway Patrol, Neil Kirkman Building, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0500, or by disseminating the listing of additional units on the Florida Crime Information Center (FCIC) computer system, or by listing on the Division of Florida Highway Patrol website.
    (a) Applied Concepts, Inc., formerly known as Applied Concepts Marketing –
    1. Model STALKER;
    2. Model STALKER DUAL;
    3. Model STALKER DUAL SL;
    4. Model STALKER DUAL DSR;
    5. Model STALKER BASIC – stationary and moving;
    6. Model DSR2X;
    7. Model STALKER II MDR; and
    8. Model STALKER II SDR.
    (b) Broderick Enforcement Electronic – Model BEE-36;
    (c) Decatur Electronics, Inc. –
    1. Model MVF 724;
    2. Model KF-1;
    3. Model Genesis I;
    4. Model Genesis II;
    5. Genesis Handheld;
    6. Model Genesis VP;
    7. Model Genesis VP Directional;
    8. Genesis GHD (Handheld Directional);
    9. Genesis II – Select; and
    10. Genesis II – Directional.
    (d) Kustom Electronics, Inc., or Kustom Signals, Inc.
    1. Model KR-10SP-F, Model KR-10SP;
    2. Model FALCON-F, Model FALCON;
    3. Model TROOPER-F, Model TROOPER;
    4. Model HAWK;
    5. Model PRO-1000, Model PRO-1000DS;
    6. Model Eagle K-Band;
    7. Model Eagle KA-Band;
    8. Model Eagle Plus K-Band;
    9. Model Eagle Plus KA-Band;
    10. Model Silver Eagle K-Band;
    11. Model Silver Eagle KA-Band;
    12. Model Golden Eagle K-Band;
    13. Model Golden Eagle KA-Band;
    14. Model Golden Eagle Plus KA-Band;
    15. Model HR-12;
    16. Model Talon;
    17. Directional Golden Eagle KA-Band;
    18. Golden Eagle Plus;
    19. Eagle II Plus – DCM Antenna;
    20. Eagle II – DCM Antenna;
    21. Golden Eagle II – DCM Antenna;
    22. Directional Golden Eagle II – DCM Antenna;
    23. Talon II;
    24. Eagle II Plus Ka;
    25. Eagle II Ka;
    26. Golden Eagle II Ka;
    27. Falcon – HR – Stationary;
    28. Falcon – HR – Moving; and
    29. Talon – Directional.
    30. Raptor RP-1.
    (e) McCoy’s LAWLINE Speed Trak Elite K, Ka and Elite KD (directional);
    (f) M.P.H. Industries, Inc., or CMI/MPH or CMI/MPH Industries, Inc. –
    1. Model K-15K “1986 Model,” Model K-15, Model K-15 II;
    2. Model MPH Speedgun (K-BAND);
    3. Model K-55K; Model BEE-36;
    4. Model Bee III;
    5. Model Enforcer;
    6. Model Python;
    7. Model Z-15;
    8. Model Z-25;
    9. Model Z-35;
    10. Model Python III – Standard; and
    11. Model Python III – Fastest Speed, Same Direction.
    (g) Tribar Industries, Inc. –
    1. Model MDR-2; and
    2. Model K-GP.
    (2) Average Speed Calculators (ASC):
    (a) Federal Sign and Signal Corp. – VASCAR II;
    (b) Kustom Electronics, Inc., or Kustom Signals, Inc. – Model Tracker; and
    (c) Traffic Safety Systems, Inc. – VASCAR-Plus.
    (3) Speedometers – All mechanical or electronic motor vehicle speedometers having certified calibration pursuant to these rules.
    (4) Stopwatches – All stopwatches certified pursuant to subsection 15B-2.008(4) and Rule 15B-2.012, F.A.C. The following stopwatches are approved for use in this State when they have been tested according to this rule chapter. The absence on this list of other stopwatches used by other law enforcement agencies or the Florida Highway Patrol does not preclude their use when they have been properly tested.
    Brand Name
    Model Number
    (a) Casio
    (b) Timex Quartz Timer
    (c) Heuer
    (d) Heuer
    (e) Seiko
    (f) Accusplit
    (g) Minerva Manual Timer
    (h) Seiko
    (i) Aristo
    (j) Lorus
    (k) Marshall Browning International Corp.
    Robic Acutrak SC-800
    (5) Laser speed measuring devices (LSMD) – Evidence of approved LSMD shall be by a certificate or listing on the FCIC computer, or by a listing on the Division of Florida Highway Patrol website, as set forth in subsection (1) of this rule. In addition, the
    following LSMDs are approved for use in this State:
    (a) Kustom Electronics, Inc., or Kustom Signals, Inc. – Model Prolaser II; Model Prolaser III; Pro-Lite Plus;
    (b) Laser Technology, Inc. – Model Marksman/LTI 20-20, Model Ultralyte LTI 20/20 Lidar, Model Ultralyte 100LR and 200LR, Model Ultralyte LR B; Model LTI 20/20 TruSpeed;
    (c) Applied Concepts, Inc. – Model Stalker Lidar; and
    (d) Laser Atlanta Optics, Inc. or Laser Atlanta, LLC – Model Speed Laser, Model Speed Laser B Model Speed Laser R, Model Speed Laser S.
    Rulemaking Authority 316.1905 FS. Law Implemented 316.1905, 316.1906 FS. History–New 1-1-90, Amended 11-16-92, 10-18-94, 10-2-95, 5-23-04, 1-1-09, 6-6-10.

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    Default Re: X-Band in Florida

    i would never have X on in Florida period, it's just not worth the falses



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