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    Hello, I just got my V1 on friday and used it doing 280mile trip. Everything worked fine but when I touched my V1 it was little hot. Is that normal?

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    Yes, the V1 runs hot. In like to point a duct from the dash towards the detector with the A/C on to keep it cool.

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    How and where is it mounted? Daytime or night? Running the heater or ac?

    Except in the winter, high-warm is normal within reason. "Hot" is not good for the detector though. And although it probably doesn't represent a problem within the detector, it can lead to them. That's why many of us position ac vents on it during the summer months. Excessive heat from sun or closed hot car exposure contributes to them falling out of tune.

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    It was mounted on top right of the rear view mirror during daytime. It was about 90 degrees outside so I had my ac on. I guess you could say V1 was "high-warm" but not "HOT"
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