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    I guess I must be dense; I can't figure out where we stand.

    I want to place an order for a new V1 in the US. Will it have the latest (3.826?) firmware? Are you sending in your units for upgrade to 3.826 and paying for Euro? Should I wait a couple of weeks (or months) for Valentine to get the ghosting issues resolved?

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    ANY new V-1 you purchase through VR will have the latest 3.826 software. All known issues are taken care of now and its good to go. Hit the Order button

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    Not dense at all! With all the different versions... firmwares...etc... it can get confusing.

    To the best of my understanding... All new units are currently shipping out with the current firmware (3.826). Also it's my understanding that all new units have the capability of turning on the KU band for Euro operation... it comes turned off by default in US shipments. (It has been rumored for over a year now that FCC has approved KU band for the US use also.. but so far no radar gun manufacturers have sent a model for this band out for use. So far no agency is using the KU band. Me thinks the market may be saturated for them right now).

    Ghosting for the most part has been solved with the 3.826 firmware! The only time it "might" still do it is if you are at ground zero sitting next to LEO with his radar on full blast. And all of the detectors out there would "ghost" with a harmonic or two in that situation. My new V1 "J's" out junk Ka signals properly... has had no known ghosting... and reception sensitivity is better than my X50 was.

    Look through the forum messages.. especially the one close to your post labeled 3.825 ---> 3.826 assesment or something like that. Very good reviews on the latest firmware fixes by the veterans here.

    Jim C.



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