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    Default suggestion to v1 to enhance performance

    Maybe this is covered by escort patent, I don't know....

    Everyone in amateur radio knows that longer antennas receive lower freq signals better and shorter antennas receive higher freq signals better.

    So why not have 2 separate antennas. One for x and k. The other for higher freq ka....

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    Default Re: suggestion to v1 to enhance performance

    It is freaking freezing out here in New York... lake effect snow and everything today.

    1) It's VR; suggestion to VR.
    2) Escort does use a dual-horn design in their spectre-immune M3's.
    3) VR knows what they are doing, Mike doesn't exactly need our tips as far as enhancing performance goes, he knows a thing or two about Radar Detectors.
    4) Use the Search Function
    5-10) Use the search function again this many times.

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    Default Re: suggestion to v1 to enhance performance

    hello good citizen of the world. Sounds like New Yorks a little bit cold right now so not much time for diplomacy. Over here in New Zealand where the sun's shining a nice 26c and the beers always cold we do have time, I shall enlighten you about your great Idea. Yes your are right how ever bell have that one already have that in the bag. So no go for VR. VR do have one up on bell thou they have the rights for a two front one back horn design. Now that has some scope.



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