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    Default 1st Day W/ V1 FIRST SAVE!

    So my V1 arrived in the mail today, Turned X off and put it just belot the RVM. Drivng home tonight on I95, I realized I was speeding too much, I had just passed a group so I was driving alone until I reached the next cluster. So I drop from 97 or so to 83ish..? (60mph unoccupied construction zone). So I had just been thinking about how I wasnt liking the V1, having owned a V995 and X50 it felt really bare. I began contemplating selling it and getting the 9500. So a couple miles later with a car about 6 car lengths in front of me it goes off full blast. I still dont know the sounds or which light means what but it was the top circle illumnated. I slam on brakes--HARD! and the V1 goes quiet. 1 sec later, it goes off again--full blast! I flick on my brights and see a cop standing outta his cruiser with gun in hand! I passed him and my V1 went off AGAIN arrow pointing behind! I watched my RVM waiting for him to light me up but... he never did! ( with more cars and an exit coming up, I wasn't stopping anyways ) Got home, turned on the map lights and confirmed, that top light WAS LASER! Could not believe this thing picked up, laser alert, and gave me a chance to hit the brakes. Not happy about how diffcult it is to program the unit and read(at night) whats goin on but now, I dont care! I love it!

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    If your encounter was in fact a laser encounter, I am shocked that you didn't get a ticket. Here are the sounds of the V1 just so you can double check if the alert you heard was in fact laser:




    Also, for future reference, it is very easy to ID what radar band you are receiving on the V1 just by tone:

    X - Beep
    K - Brap
    Ka - Double Brap

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    Default Re: 1st Day W/ V1 FIRST SAVE!

    Those vids really tell it well. I can't help it, I have to look at the arrows. Of course the audio is quickly learned, but it's reaction wanting to see the arrows.

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    Default Re: 1st Day W/ V1 FIRST SAVE!

    Don't expect that to ever happen again. You got extremely lucky, time for jammers?

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    Default Re: 1st Day W/ V1 FIRST SAVE!

    Cameron - 97ish in a 60 zone is REALLY, REALLY pushing it. Espically at 12:30-1 o'clock in the morning! lol. Be safe kid and ill talk to ya soon!

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    Default Re: 1st Day W/ V1 FIRST SAVE!

    ...and many more!

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    Might have been laser scatter. When I had my first 3 saves with LI, my V1 picked up scatter quite nicely a few seconds ahead of me being hit

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    Default Re: 1st Day W/ V1 FIRST SAVE!

    I believe Languy does custom Lighting for V1's so each signal lights up a different color so its easier to see at night. Hit him up if you want yours done custom...

    If I had one, I'd do this...



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