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    Default V1 Wakes Up and Alerts

    This is the follow up to this post of mine in August.

    V1 sleeping on the job?

    In early October, Knighthawk and I did some testing, and my V1 was pretty much dead equal with his V1's

    After the encounter with I/O near Princeton, IN in late Oct Indiana I/O and Illinois C/O I burned a copy of that video on a DVD and sent it along with my V1 back to VR.
    "Mike" at VR called me at work and left a message and the phone extension to call him on; when I returned the call he was busy so I left a message, and an hour or so later he called back and said that they couldn't find anything wrong with my unit but they went ahead and replaced the receiver (and I think he said the main board, too). We also had a little discussion about running 2 RD's together and whether the RL was interfering with the V1, but I emphasized that it was a Redline I was running, and that when tested against a Spectre it was undetectable, so I doubted the RL emitted enough radiation to interfere with the V1 .

    I've had it back for about 3 weeks now, and it is a totally different unit in terms of performance. It now alerts within a fraction of a second of my Redline 95 percent of the time instead of alerting after the RL by several seconds. It might have worked this well the first week or two after I got it, but I don't think so.

    This is more like the V1 I was expecting to get when I purchased it.

    Since getting it back, I had one C/O Ka encounter with the TN HP where the RL did beat it by several seconds: I was pulling my 36' gooseneck trailer cresting a hill on I-65 northbound just before the KY border, the RL alerted, I gently slowed from 82 or so (too much traffic to go 85-90) to 70 and merged from the passing lane back into the driving lane. A second or three after I got into the lane the V1 alerted and I saw the trooper in the median between two groups of trees. That would have been enough time to slow down if I had braked hard, so I won't call it a fail at all--it was a tough situation for any RD.
    The V1 is also way more sensitive to laser now, I mean it falses to laser 3 times a day instead of 2 times a week, lol!

    PS, In spite of all my beachin' about the V1 IT STILL HAS ARROWS AND THE REDLINE DOES NOT!!!!!
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